Visit us at The Pen-Mar Club
    Please contact us by phone, mail or email prior to your arrival.

Updated For The 2021 Season

We will be open for visitors and guests starting Memorial Day weekend.   All guests, singles or couples, must call ahead and let us know they are planning to visit.

Cabins will now be available. Camping and Tenting also available. Call Ahead To Reserve.
First time singles must have a guest pass and completed a background check, along with your vaccine card before visiting.

Couples & Families
Couples and families, please write or phone to visit us any weekend from May through October. We look forward to your visit.
Phone or write to us prior to your visit. Guests are welcome weekends from May through October.
Single must write to us and request a guest pass. The guest pass will enable you to visit the club.   request guest pass

Pen-Mar Club does not allow cameras of any type. This includes, but is not limited to, standard cameras (still or motion), digital cameras (still or motion), and/or camera capable cell phones.

Domestic Animal Policy
Any domestic animal brought onto club property must have a current rabies vaccination certificate. The visitor/guest bringing the animal onto club property for the first time must present a copy of the certificate to a board member before the animal is allowed to stay on club property. This certificate will be filed and must be kept up to date with the latest certificate by the person responsible for the animal.



1. Only prescription and over-the–counter medications are permitted on club grounds. The use, possession, or trafficking of any illegal substance is strictly prohibited.

2. If alcohol is used, please drink responsibly.

3. Public sexual displays are prohibited. Overt sexual acts or lewd behavior is inappropriate within a family-oriented nudist club and will not be tolerated in public areas.

4. Respectful behavior is required. Physical violence, harassment, or threatening or abusive language or unwanted attention towards others is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
    Use common sense; be respectful of others and do nothing that embarrasses others or needs an apology.

5. Nudity is the norm, but dress or undress for comfort. The only place where nudity is required is in the pool. When nude, towels are to be used when sitting on any property
    or surface that is not yours.

6. No glass containers are permitted in the pool area, including the pavilion. Food is permitted in the pavilion or at your chair but is never to be eaten while in the pool.
    You must clean up after yourself. Use only the appropriate containers for cigarette butts.

7. There is no lifeguard on duty so swim at your own risk. You must shower before entering the pool. Familiarize yourself with the “pool rules” posted in the pool area.

8. You are personally responsible for the conduct and safety of any minor child in your care and must supervise them at all times.

9. Swimming is prohibited in the pond. Fishing must be catch-and-release.

10. Pets must be leashed or confined at all times. Pets are prohibited from any public building, public eating area, sport and playground area,  fire pit, and the pool enclosure, unless
       in your golf cart or personal vehicle. You are responsible for your pet’s behavior, and any damage or injury that may be caused by your pet. You must clean up after your pets.

11. Smoking is not permitted in the club house or Kelly’s Place during any scheduled activities or function, including meals and meetings.

12. Please limit your cell phone usage to your campsite, rental unit or the parking lot. Cell phones may not be used for photos or videos at any time.

13. Photos may only be taken by the club’s designated photographers and only of those members who have given written permission. Photos may not be taken of any guest or visitor.

14. Golf carts and utility vehicles are permitted on club property and require proof of insurance, including liability, and may only be operated by those over the age of 16.
       The maximum speed   limit for any vehicle on club grounds is 7 mph.

15. It is expected that members be considerate of those around them when playing music. Don’t be afraid to tell other members if their music is bothering you.

16. The use of firearms or fireworks is strictly prohibited on club grounds.

17. Respectful interactions with other members, guests, visitors, and our Pen-Mar neighbors is expected at all times.

18. Members must ensure that any of their personal guests are registered, wearing the required guest armband, and have paid all appropriate fees upon arrival and for their entire
       visit at Pen-Mar.

19. Any member, visitor or guest that brings anyone under the age of 18 onto club grounds must have written permission from their parent or guardian stating acknowledgement that
       this is a nudist resort. This must be available at the time of registration and will be kept on file for the duration of the visit.